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"""Data objects pertaining to building, signing, and parsing Transactions."""

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Dict, List, Optional

import attr

from terra_sdk.core.coins import Coins
from terra_sdk.core.msg import Msg
from terra_sdk.util.json import JSONSerializable

from .public_key import PublicKey

__all__ = [

[docs]@attr.s class StdSignature(JSONSerializable): """Data structure holding information for a transaction signature.""" signature: str = attr.ib() """Actual signature contents.""" pub_key: Optional[PublicKey] = attr.ib() """Signature's public key information.""" @classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> StdSignature: return cls( signature=data["signature"], pub_key=data.get("pub_key") and PublicKey.from_data(data["pub_key"]), )
[docs]@attr.s class StdFee(JSONSerializable): """Data structure holding information for a transaction fee. Args: gas (int): gas to use ("gas requested") amount (Coins.Input): fee amount """ gas: int = attr.ib(converter=int) amount: Coins = attr.ib(converter=Coins) @classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> StdFee: return cls(int(data["gas"]), Coins.from_data(data["amount"]))
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: return {"gas": str(self.gas), "amount": self.amount.to_data()}
@property def gas_prices(self) -> Coins: return self.amount.to_dec_coins().div(self.gas)
[docs]@attr.s class StdSignMsg(JSONSerializable): """Data structure holding information which can be signed to create a :class:`StdTx`. .. note:: This object can be considered an "unsigned transaction". Args: chain_id (str): chain ID account_number (int): account number sequence (int): sequence number fee (StdFee): transaction fee msgs (List[Msg]): list of messages to include memo (str): transaction memo """ chain_id: str = attr.ib() account_number: int = attr.ib(converter=int) sequence: int = attr.ib(converter=int) fee: StdFee = attr.ib() msgs: List[Msg] = attr.ib() memo: str = attr.ib() def to_stdtx(self) -> StdTx: return StdTx(self.msgs, self.fee, [], self.memo)
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: return { "chain_id": self.chain_id, "account_number": str(self.account_number), "sequence": str(self.sequence), "fee": self.fee.to_data(), "msgs": [m.to_data() for m in self.msgs], "memo": self.memo, }
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> StdSignMsg: return cls( data["chain_id"], int(data["account_number"]), int(data["sequence"]), StdFee.from_data(data["fee"]), [Msg.from_data(m) for m in data["msgs"]], data["memo"], )
[docs]@attr.s class StdTx(JSONSerializable): """Data structure for a transaction which can be broadcasted. Args: msg: list of messages to include in transaction fee: fee to use for transaction signatures: list of signatures memo: transaction memo """ msg: List[Msg] = attr.ib() fee: StdFee = attr.ib() signatures: List[StdSignature] = attr.ib() memo: str = attr.ib()
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: return { "type": "core/StdTx", "value": { "msg": [m.to_data() for m in self.msg], "fee": self.fee.to_data(), "signatures": [s.to_data() for s in self.signatures], "memo": self.memo, }, }
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> StdTx: data = data["value"] return cls( [Msg.from_data(m) for m in data["msg"]], StdFee.from_data(data["fee"]), [StdSignature.from_data(s) for s in data["signatures"]], data["memo"], )
def parse_events_by_type(event_data: List[dict]) -> Dict[str, Dict[str, List[str]]]: events: Dict[str, Dict[str, List[str]]] = {} for ev in event_data: for att in ev["attributes"]: if ev["type"] not in events: events[ev["type"]] = {} if att["key"] not in events[ev["type"]]: events[ev["type"]][att["key"]] = [] events[ev["type"]][att["key"]].append(att.get("value")) return events
[docs]@attr.s class TxLog(JSONSerializable): """Object containing the events of a transaction that is automatically generated when :class:`TxInfo` or :class:`BlockTxBroadcastResult` objects are read.""" msg_index: int = attr.ib(converter=int) """Number of the message inside the transaction that it was included in.""" log: str = attr.ib() """This field may be populated with details of the message's error, if any.""" events: List[dict] = attr.ib() """Raw event log data""" events_by_type: Dict[str, Dict[str, List[str]]] = attr.ib(init=False) """Event log data, re-indexed by event type name and attribute type. For instance, the event type may be: ``store_code`` and an attribute key could be ``code_id``. >>> logs[0].events_by_type["<event-type>"]["<attribute-key>"] ['<attribute-value>', '<attribute-value2>'] """ def __attrs_post_init__(self): self.events_by_type = parse_events_by_type(
def parse_tx_logs(logs) -> Optional[List[TxLog]]: return ( [ TxLog(msg_index=log["msg_index"], log=log["log"], events=log["events"]) for log in logs ] if logs else None )
[docs]@attr.s class TxInfo(JSONSerializable): """Holds information pertaining to a transaction which has been included in a block on the blockchain. .. note:: Users are not expected to create this object directly. It is returned by :meth:`TxAPI.tx_info()<terra_sdk.client.lcd.api.tx.TxAPI.tx_info>` """ height: int = attr.ib(converter=int) """Block height at which transaction was included.""" txhash: str = attr.ib() """Transaction hash.""" rawlog: str = attr.ib() """Event log information as a raw JSON-string.""" logs: Optional[List[TxLog]] = attr.ib() """Event log information.""" gas_wanted: int = attr.ib(converter=int) """Gas requested by transaction.""" gas_used: int = attr.ib(converter=int) """Actual gas amount used.""" tx: StdTx = attr.ib() """Transaction object.""" timestamp: str = attr.ib() """Time at which transaction was included.""" code: Optional[int] = attr.ib(default=None) """If this field is not ``None``, the transaction failed at ``DeliverTx`` stage.""" codespace: Optional[str] = attr.ib(default=None) """Error subspace (used alongside ``code``)."""
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: data = { "height": str(self.height), "txhash": self.txhash, "raw_log": self.rawlog, "logs": [log.to_data() for log in self.logs] if self.logs else None, "gas_wanted": str(self.gas_wanted), "gas_used": str(self.gas_used), "timestamp": self.timestamp, "tx": self.tx.to_data(), "code": self.code, "codespace": self.codespace, } if not self.logs: del data["logs"] if not self.code: del data["code"] if not self.codespace: del data["codespace"] return data
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> TxInfo: return cls( data["height"], data["txhash"], data["raw_log"], parse_tx_logs(data.get("logs")), data["gas_wanted"], data["gas_used"], StdTx.from_data(data["tx"]), data["timestamp"], data.get("code"), data.get("codespace"), )